About Us


NannuSays® is all about saving time and teaching well, and also makes your impossible life just a little bit easier with your kids. We had discovered how beneficial the internet could be to a busy parent – We are on a mission to help parents create memorable childhoods, because parents face several obstacles, and potential challenges throughout childhood. To make this possible our goal is to provide you with the top development tips and hacks, contents, and strategies you need to grow your own hands-on kids.

“NannuSays” resources and strive to reach more loyal parents, grandparents and teachers around the globe. We believe that kids all around the globe deserve to have a life outside the classroom. Nannu Says has always been about enjoying children and family because they are the ones who are very important for determining how the society is gonna be after some decades.

NannuSays.com is for you if you want your child to want to cooperate, raise kids 21st century kid who grow up into happy & confidence person. We equip parents, educators & teachers with the content they need to get kids to listen without cooperate, without yelling, bribes, threats or punishment.

This is the right place for you!