Buying a bike is a dream come true for many. People have their own dreams about their favorite motorcycle or need one for their daily commute purposes. Considering Indian roads and the heavy traffic frequent all across the country, most people prefer two-wheeler as a mode of transportation. It is fast, comfortable, and convenient while also being practical and sustainable in terms of finances and economy. 

That being said, buy a two-wheeler in today’s time is not something out of bounds even if you do not have the entire amount need to buy the bike. Two wheeler loans are read offer numerous banks and finance company all across India, and the major part of the purchase amount is finance through such loans. It makes the dream of buying your dream bike within your reach. 

That said, any borrow make a clear assessment of their financial capability before apply for a bike loan. It will help them buy their dream bike without being financially burden. Knowing about the terms and conditions of the loan and using a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator are the two very important things necessary before you apply for a bike loan to buy your dream bike. 

Eligibility and Documents Required For A Bike Loan

While a borrower must be aware of their financial capabilities to seamlessly repay the loan back through EMIs within the loan repayment tenure, it is also important to know about A two wheeler loan EMI calculator helps you get an idea about the EMI you have to pay for a certain loan amount, the repayment tenure and the intestine charges of the lender. 

Along with that, various lenders have different requirements for eligibility and documentation of a two wheeler loan in India. However there is a set of basic requirements common for most lenders in the country.  


  • Age: Between 21 years to 60 years old for salaried professionals and 21 years to 65 years old for self-employed professionals. 
  • Income: Most lenders ask for a stable source of income with only a few having any specifications about a minimum income. There are no predefined conditions and the income necessary also depends upon the loan amount and the credit history of the borrower. 
  • Employment stability: Lenders also ask for a minimum of one year of employment at the current organisation for salaried professionals and documents of a business that has been operating for at least three years in the case of self-employed professionals. 
  • Residential stability: The borrower must be residing in the same city for more than a year. 
  • Credit history: Like any other loan, a good credit history, a good credit score and preferably no other financial liabilities increases your chance to secure a higher loan amount. 

Documents Required

  • Two passport size photographs 
  • Properly filled out loan application form 
  • Address Proof: Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID Card/ Property Tax Receipt/ Utility Bill/ Driver’s Licence.

Getting A Bike Loan: What To Do? 

Once you are clear with all that, having an idea about what you need to

do to get a bike loan helps simplify the process. Visit the website of the lender

or talk to their representatives to know about the terms and conditions, repayment tenure and interest charges. After that, use a two wheeler loan EMI calculator to get an idea about the EMI amount

based on the principal loan amount, repayment tenure and interest charges. You can easily find such EMI calculators on websites of lenders who provide two wheeler loans. 

Based on how much you can pay every month,

opt for suitable a loan amount and buy the bike of your dreams!