You must first know what are the mechanical repairs in a car. If you know that well, then you surely will not land up in trouble when you are out on the road. At least you will be able to call up a mechanic and tell him what your problem is and he can prepare accordingly.

The Basic Mechanical Failures in A Car

There are some mechanical faults that you should be able to detect to keep your car in good working condition. If you are aware, then you can easily get the mechanical repairs done and move on with your work.

  • Changing Of Oil And Oil Filter 
  • Windshield wipers and their fluids
  • Air and cabin filter replacement
  • Routine maintenance
  • Replacement of tyres
  • Replacement of batteries
  • Repair of brakes
  • Servicing of the coolant system
  • Wheel balance and rotation
  • Changing the spark plugs
  • Get away with scratches
  • Replace the lights that malfunction
  • Jumpstart the car

Changing Of Oil and Oil Filter 

As part of mechanical repairs, this is just one part. You need to change the oil of your car regularly as this will increase the functioning and life of your car. It helps the cooling and lubricating properties of the car’s fluid system.

Windshield Wipers and Their Fluids

This is one of the most neglected parts of mechanical repairs. This is because people tend to forget it as it will not cause a problem immediately. It will affect you when you are out in the rain. What do you do then? So make it a part of your routine check.

Air and Cabin Filter Replacement

The air filters in your cabin and engine require regular maintenance. This is because once they are choked, the air will not be pass through properly and you will face problems in the car. So this is another important mechanical repair that you cannot overlook.

Routine Maintenance

There is a certain time that your car manufacturer specifies when you need to take your vehicle for maintenance work. This ensures the good health of your car.

Replacement of Tires

If you drive a car then you will know that the tires of your car are a very important part. Hence, you should consider them under your routine mechanical repair and inspections. A flat tire or a burst tire will leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Replacement of Batteries

When you are in the car and in a hurry, you will find it bugging if your car does not start. Hence, you should check your batteries from time to time.

Repair of Brakes

If you think your brakes are not important, then you are wrong. It is the most important part. If it fails, you too will fail to stop unless you go and hit a tree on the side of the road. This constitutes the most vital part of mechanical repairs.

Servicing Of the Coolant System

If you do not check your coolant system then you know that the engine of your car is sure to get heated up and malfunction. So check the water pumps, thermostat, and radiator regularly.

Wheel Balance and Rotation

This will help prevent the untimely need for tire replacements and save you money.

Other Mechanical Faults

Other faults like spark plugs, lights, and scratches also need regular servicing to keep your car in prime working conditions. So you should check out for these faults which when identified timely will prevent a lot of undue hassles.


When you know that there is a specific fault with your car you can inform your technician. With so many problems in your car with so many moving parts, it is always best to call in the technician to get the job done accurately. You cannot afford to take any chances with your life or that of your loved ones.