How Can I Check if a Number Is Spam

Spam or scam calls are so frequent nowadays that it’s hard to find someone who has never received one. Scammers would go to any lengths to try to fool people and get something from them, in most cases, money. What gets frustrating is that many times these phone calls don’t stop. Even if you block a number, another scammer may call you after a while.

For this reason, many individuals wonder how to find scammer numbers. 1 in 3 Americans fall victim to scam phone calls – therefore, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself. Luckily, there are spam number check apps that prevent you from falling prey to such tactics. We will present some methods that you can use to check if a number is spam or a scam.

What’s the Difference between Spam and Scam

Many people think of scams and spam as the same thing. Now, while there are some similarities between the two, they are different things.

For example, spam refers to unsolicited, irrelevant emails, messages, or calls. Spam calls represent repeated calls where an individual or robot tries to sell you a product or service. These calls are made even if you have never agreed to receive them in the first place.

Scam, on the other hand, involves misleading, fraudulent calls where someone on the other end is trying to steal your personal information or money. Scams are made to sound like a legit offer, which is what makes them so dangerous. They have malicious intent, and they are made in order to fool the person receiving the call. On top of that, compared to spam, scams are more aggressive.

How Can I Check if a Number Is Spam

How to Spot a Phone Scam

Usually, individuals who receive scam calls don’t know how to identify a scammer on the phone. If the person has never encountered scams before or has not been warned about such tactics, it’s even harder to realize that the individual on the other end is a scammer and not someone who wants to help you.

However, there are many ways to reveal scams as long as you know what phrases scammers usually use. Here are some examples of such phrases:

Would you like to donate to our charity?

This is one of the most common phrases used by scammers on the phone because they are trying to take advantage of your empathy. A scammer will use tragic things or events, such as an accident, natural disaster, or illness to get money from those that they call. To make sure that they appear to be a legit charity, scammers will use charity names that are either identical or similar to a real charity.

You can always search for the name of the charity to see if it’s a real thing. Check the wording and spelling to make sure it’s identical to what they mentioned. Another thing you can do is to reach out to the actual charity and ask if this individual is calling on their behalf.

You must verify your bank account

Since scammers often want to get money from you, they will try to gain access to your bank account. A common thing they do is to call and say something like “You need to verify your bank account” or any variation of that. Bear in mind that nobody from the bank would have to ask you for your real details – they already have them.

If anyone calls and says this, immediately look up scammer numbers to see if this one is on the list.

You’re in trouble with the IRS

When you get a phone call from someone saying that they are from the IRS, you may start to hyperventilate. This is especially true if the caller says that you are in trouble. But this is a common scam that has been circulating lately.

How do you answer, “Is this number a scammer?” It’s easy – you have to remember that IRS agents will not tell you to give them money over the phone. Not only that, but they will not threaten you with arrest if you do not allegedly pay your taxes.

How to Find a Suspicious Phone Number: Use Reverse Phone Check Website

Lots of individuals who have wondered how to reveal scam or spam calls have settled for a scam phone number checker app. These services allow you to look up a phone number and see if it’s legit or if it belongs to a scammer.

Let’s take a look at some scammer phone number lookup programs that will help you stay safe:


When someone goes on their favorite search engine and searches “How can I check if a number is spam or scam?” they will find Scannero as one of the top options. allows you to look up a phone number and discover who is behind it, which can come in handy if you are being harassed by scammers and getting calls all the time.

All you have to do is go to the Scannero website and look up the number you want to find out more about. The caller will not know that you are looking up their number. Scannero will do all the work by looking through databases to see if anything looks sketchy. Searches that are a bit more complex may take more time, but you will usually get your results as soon as possible.

All you have to do to use Scannero is:

  • Insert the number you want to check.
  • Click on “Start search.”
  • Wait until Scannero reveals all the details.

What’s even better is that the software is not expensive either and doesn’t require installation.


With Intelius, you can look up a phone number to get more details about it. It’s very useful if you are being called by scammers and want to avoid becoming their victim. You’ll receive the details and history of the phone number’s owner and will know who you are dealing with.

Public Seek

Public Seek is great as it has more than 10 billion records in the database. That means that you will get favorable results whenever you look up a phone number. As such, if you search for a potential scammer, you will get the job history, criminal background, and other details about the caller.

Search on Social Media

Sometimes, you can also use social media to look up details of scam numbers. LinkedIn and Facebook are great options. This will not really tell you whether the number is a scam or not, but it will let you know if the number belongs to a real individual.

If the number is not found to belong to anyone, you can take it as a red flag and use other ways to check the number and find out more.


How can I check if a number is spam or a scam? You can either look up the number on social media or use a special website or app like Scannero that checks phone numbers. This way, you can find some details about the caller and avoid falling prey to unscrupulous individuals.

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