Are you one of the working mothers? Do you work at least eight hours per day? Do you have little time to help your kids dress up? Does it worry you that they may go to school with no clothes on their body or clothes not fitting them well? If so, don’t worry! Here are seven tips that can help you manage your kids’ dressing with your busy work schedule!

1) Break it Down

A quick way to solve any problem is to break it down into its smallest parts. If you have a big pile of laundry, sort by color; if you need a project done, break it into small steps. You don’t know how much time your child needs every morning to get dressed and out of the house on time breaking down their routine can help determine that. Just when does each part of getting ready to start? When does it end? With those answers in hand, you can prioritize and make adjustments accordingly.

2) Make an Action List

To-do lists help you keep your day organized and make sure that everything gets done. It is important to get into a routine of making a list each night before bed, even if you think you don’t have much to do. Add all of your everyday tasks, as well as anything that comes up during your day. Make sure that everything on your list is something actionable, so you can easily carry it out throughout your day.

3) Do a Trial Run

If you have kids, there are all sorts of things they need to get ready in the morning. One of those things is their clothes. Most Nannusays struggle with picking out clothes and matching them up because they lack basic concepts such as color. If you’re going to be late for work, you might not have time to assist your kids every day, so it’s helpful if they have gotten used to putting together their outfits on their own by doing a trial run at least once or twice before your work schedule begins. 

This gives them an opportunity to find out what works and what doesn’t from a coordination standpoint and it also trains them in advance so that they feel more confident in their ability when you do give them some help later on down the line.

4) Delegate

Delegate as much of your daily routine as possible. When you’re at work, delegate parenting responsibilities to your spouse or other family members. Your nannu says will be better-behaved and less anxious if they don’t have their mother hovering over them every day. Consider hiring a local teenager or college student part-time to watch your children after school, especially if your schedule is unpredictable and you can’t be sure how many hours you’ll have each week. You may also consider using a local nanny service that can help coordinate childcare during longer business trips and ensure that one consistent caregiver watches your children when you are both out of town.

5) Use a Calendar

If you don’t use a calendar, now is a good time to start. (If you have one, it might be time to switch from paper planners.) You might think that using an online planner like Google Calendar or iCal is enough, but you’re in for a nasty surprise when your schedule inevitably starts conflicting with other people’s. 

At some point and probably sooner than later you may need to coordinate across multiple platforms and multiple calendars. It just makes sense; wouldn’t it be easier if your coworkers and family could see what’s on your schedule too? Investing in a project management system might not seem sexy at first glance, but learning how to use a tool like Basecamp can save everyone headaches down the road.

6) Keep it Simple

Wearing clothes that are simple to put on and take off can help you save valuable time while getting ready in the morning. There’s nothing worse than getting an unexpected phone call right as you are about to leave, making it necessary to pull your hair back into a ponytail and throw on whatever sweatshirt is within reach. Make your life easier by packing a bag of clothes that can be easily pulled over one arm, leaving one hand free. Consider things like leggings and t-shirts; they won’t require fumbling with buttons or unzipping zippers if there’s an emergency call from school or daycare.

7) Find Time for Yourself

As a working mom, you know how busy your days can get. It’s important not to neglect yourself—you need time for yourself in order to keep your stress levels down and your mood happy. Find an hour or two in your weekly schedule where you can devote some me time and set aside distractions like phone calls and kids.