School’s out and it’s time to start planning some fun activities and trips with your kids! Summer camps are the perfect way to keep your nannusays entertained, but if you want them to learn something, too, then get them involved in some coding summer camp activities. After all, coding is an incredibly important skill that will help your child throughout their life, regardless of what career they choose. Here are five fun coding activities that you can do in summer camp this year!

1) DIY Air Conditioner

Okay, so it’s not technically summer camp but if you need a break from learning about coding, why not head outside and try to build your own air conditioner. All you need is a hosepipe and an empty water bottle. Poke holes in both sides of the bottle with a nail or screwdriver and tape it around one end of your garden hose using some duct tape. Then turn on your water pump. Ta-da! You have created an instant air conditioner that is cooling down any room in your house. It won’t keep cool for long, but it is definitely a fun way to spend time outdoors while still working on some coding skills! Plus, everyone loves an excuse for playing with water.

2) Make A SandCastle

When it comes to coding, breaking down a big project into smaller tasks is key. The same can be said for building a sandcastle. It’s all about identifying what you have and what tools you need at your disposal. The only difference here is that your tools are raw materials like buckets, water bottles, spoons, and palm leaves. Before getting started with building your sandcastle, nannu says should lay out all of your materials so they’re ready when you need them. Then gather friends or family members together for an afternoon of playtime fun! Just be sure not to let competitive building get in the way; remember why everyone is there in the first place to have fun!

3) Build an Igloo

Grab a list of tech buzzwords and have your campers work in groups to make up some word scrambles. You’ll want to avoid key terms like Siri or Alexa, as they will likely already know them. It’s more fun and challenging if you keep it with vague terminology that has something to do with tech (but doesn’t clearly identify it). If there are some words that could be either because they come from computer science or sound more general, define them for everyone so everyone knows what is being used. Challenge your campers to make up as many different scrambles as possible within a time limit.

4) Build a Flashlight Torch

Most smartphones come with a built-in light. But as we’ve learned from our buddy, Darth Vader, it’s better to have a lightsaber than a lightsaber. Teach your children how to make their own flashlight torch by wrapping some paper around a pen or pencil. Then use some tape to secure and place inside of another piece of paper that is wrapped around an index card or small piece of cardboard (that way it can stand up). Once done, insert it into their phone and turn it on/off by holding their finger down over it. This will allow them to easily read in dark places if they need be!

5) Word Scramble

In a summer camp for coders, students will be exposed to many new words. If students can learn how to look up word definitions on their own, they’ll gain confidence in both coding and reading comprehension. Have them write a simple program that uses variables to store random words from a file—and then scramble up those words for spelling practice! As an extension activity, have them try writing code that creates scrambled anagrams of other common things like names and cities.