Kids are kids, and you can’t expect them to stay still all day while you work out in the next room. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of working out with them and maintaining your routine while they enjoy themselves. Here are some fun exercise activities that you can perform with your Nannusays to keep everyone moving!


Boxing is a fun method for kids over the age of 6 to get a cardio workout while also teaching discipline and self-control. Classes are available at most fitness studios and YMCAs. Look into Tae Kwon Do if you have little children who don’t quite fulfill the age criteria.


Begin by looking for a trail with a gentle elevation. This will help you improve strength and endurance while also giving you excellent cardio exercise. Hiking is a fantastic way to burn calories while enjoying the outdoors! You may want to make your first trek short and basic for safety reasons, so you don’t lose your novice hikers before they get started.


Ice skating is a popular winter sport that is also beneficial to one’s health. It strengthens your lower body, particularly your quadriceps (thigh muscles), hamstrings, calves, and glutes (butt). Skating burns about 200 calories every hour, and if you push yourself to go faster or do more laps than normal, you’ll burn even more calories.


A soccer game will get everyone moving. Soccer is a terrific family activities since it’s simple to learn, requires little equipment (just a ball), and can be played by children as young as five. During your next soccer game, not only will you get some exercise, but your nannu says will have a good time as well. Make sure they know not to hit somebody with the ball in the head!


Swimming as a family is a terrific way to stay in shape. There are several swimming possibilities available to individuals of all ages, and the majority of them provide low-cost memberships or discounted instruction. Whether you go to an indoor pool or experience open ocean swimming, there’s something for everyone.