Kids grow and their clothes don’t, which can cause them to get frustrated with how their outfits fit. You can easily avoid this issue by taking care when you buy clothes for your kids to ensure that they will fit properly when it comes time to wear them. Follow these tips to make sure your kid’s clothes fit properly each and every time you buy new clothing items.

Why it matters

As your kid grows, you’ll want his or her clothes to still fit. A few days ago, at my son’s swim lesson, I saw a boy that looked like he was ready for junior high which is way too soon! When you have a child that’s on an accelerated growth track, it can be hard figuring out what size clothes he should wear. This guide will help you figure out how tall your child is so you can buy clothes that fit properly and don’t look like they belong to someone much older. And if you’re just getting started with a baby registry (or want to go back through one), make sure you follow our guide on how many sizes of clothing your Nannusays will need over time.

Stretching the Garment

When you’re outfitting your kids, one of your biggest concerns is making sure they can easily move around. Stretching a garment makes it bigger, so instead of spending money on multiple sizes, aim for clothes that will fit them next year or even two years from now. If a shirt or pants are slightly too small but within an acceptable range, you can also get them professionally stretch to increase their size as they grow. And if all else fails? Offer some older clothes from your own closet. Most kids don’t mind wearing hand-me-downs and you’ll be doing them a favor by helping their clothes last longer.

Take Measured Body Measurements

Use a soft cloth tape measure and have your child remove any bulky clothing before taking measurements. It is most accurate to record measurements while standing, but if needed (and you aren’t at home), take your child’s measurements while seated. First, get an overall measurement of your child’s height by starting at their feet and stretching up as far as they can go. If possible, it’s best to keep a finger on their back and find that spot again this way you know you didn’t accidentally miss a growth spurt!

Review the Manufacturers’ Size Chart

The easiest way to make sure your kid’s clothes fit properly is to know what size you are getting. Before you head out shopping, check with manufacturers’ websites or read labels for sizing charts, which include key measurements like length and chest size. There may be slight differences between brands, so take those into account as well. Remember that clothing is suppose to be snug (not tight) and comfortable. For more information on how clothes are suppose to fit, please visit our guide on how to measure sizes correctly.

Keep Things in Perspective

While it can be fun to shop for clothes, don’t let your nannu says have free reign of their wardrobes. Why? Because kids grow fast! By giving them lots of freedom, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of unnecessary buying and unnecessary waste. Instead, teach your child how to pick out their own clothes. When you give them some rules such as you can only choose clothes from these two areas or no more than $20 may be spent on any one trip, they will learn how to make good decisions about what clothing is right for them.