For most of the parents it’s really challenging to manage kids during this covid pandemic. Usually, kids prefer to roam around. And it’s next to impossible to make them stick to one place. In lockdown it becomes hard for parents to keep kids engaged during lockdown.

Being adults, even for us the pandemic is getting difficult. They would obviously need some change and a different environment to refresh. Most of the parents are finding this particular part of managing kids very challenging.

Most of the time, we even feel stressed  when we are in the same place for a longer time. If our mobility is restricted to limited places. This actually ruins our peace as well, then think of kids!

Well, there are few ways though that can be taken into consideration for solving this problem. 

Create a small play area at home:

We may not be able to create the same environment as outside for kids, but surely we can bring about a change. Children love to explore things that are attractive and colourful. They will be really curious to know more about it. 

A change in atmosphere is something that will be really refreshing and give new thoughts. Once in a while such changes are refreshing even for kids. Children look forward to changes and want something new everyday to enjoy and learn from it.

Creating a play area at home can be really helpful.  It can be outdoors like a garden area or balcony. This can involve some DIY kits, toys and more. 

The more colorful and attractive the play area is, the more kids will be excited to use it and will have a change of environment.

Talk to them for a while everyday :

One of the most important things that most parents fail to do these days is talking with their kids. Whatever be your schedule, be it anything , try to spend some quality time with your children. Kids might not open up so soon. 

First they should feel comfortable to share anything with you. This can happen only when you spare some good amount of time with them. You will be able to see a lot of changes when you start practicing this everyday. 

Everyone learns things differently and their perspective towards anything will vary a lot. Same stands with kids as well. When you start talking with them, you will not only know their level of understanding but also you will eventually know what they are up to.

Learning daily lessons taught in school for sometime:

This is one of the difficult parts for many kids. Revision of daily lessons might sound a bit boring as it will be a repetitive task for them. You can make it a little interesting by changing the way in which they learn.

Learning daily lessons taught in school will not only keep them engaged but also help them understand the concepts clearly. If they have any doubts or topics that aren’t clear to them it can be resolved at the earliest.

This habit on a long run will really benefit the kid as he/ she will make it a routine. 

Teach them small household activity :

So, what else apart from regular monotonous work? This is the same question that even the kid will have. Something special and unique everyday will make them feel good. 

Starting from a young age, if kids are taught small activities at home, it will help them a lot when they are grown up as individuals. These activities can be folding their clothes , arranging books on shelves. 

Something that can be done in a short time. You can be with them and share your thoughts while they are working on such household activities. This helps to understand their psychology and the way they perceive  things. 

This will definitely be a great stress buster for them as well!

Arrange for online team building game sessions with their friends :

Team building games are really great. These impart various qualities in children. When we generally work as a team we learn a lot from each member of the team. 

Having said that, children are no exception. At this age, they will grasp and learn a lot from their surroundings and this definitely creates an impact in their character which is very much important.  The more the positive impact it creates , the more good qualities the kid will imbibe.

Figure out his/her circle of friends from school or neighborhood, whoever they are close with. Talk to their parents and plan for regular meetups online. Organize a few online games involving all these kids , which will be rejuvenating for them.

Engage them in extra curricular activities:

This is one such activity that everyone looks for! Everyone will be so curious to know what is that unique thing which you are capable of. Being normal as every other child is never an option. And if that happens your kid will get bored very often!

You can give them some play kits , puzzles to solve, slogan or poetry writing contests arranged at home and you can give them rewards too. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Not only at home, children will then eventually get interested in participating in various activities at school as well.

And another important factor is that they will not have much stage fear, when they start practicing all these at home!

The above mentioned hacks will help for sure in making home a best place for kids to dwell!