For nearly two years, the covid epidemic has been the driving force behind e-commerce development. The public health emergency and subsequent attempts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have significantly impacted the buying and consumption habits of many items, particularly vital ones. Online purchases were expect even before Covid-19, especially for non-food items, but now we’re witnessing the explosion of e-commerce. To make the most of this opportunity, you must first learn how to boost the value of your e-commerce and its online presence. so being easily accessible online is now a prerequisite for any business’s success. 

If you’re confused about the effective eCommerce SEO ways you can implement, we’re here to help. but to assist you in improving your site’s ranking potential, follow the tips given below:

Major SEO tips to optimize eCommerce website

Use Effective Keywords 

Keywords play a vital role in eCommerce SEO. You should try to find the proper keywords to rank your site. but if so, do keyword research for the most relevant keywords that match your online activities. Long-tail keywords can help you rank well in niches that your competitors are unaware of. so those keywords can entice the right traffic and boost your conversion rate. Consider the user’s questions. People are pretty particular and type conversational questions to find what they’re looking for. You should use the keywords according to the user search criteria. 

Your eCommerce website almost certainly has a lot of links leading to your pages, and you should optimize your anchor to make the most of them. To avoid punish by Google, you should not utilize the exact keywords for all of your anchor texts. When you insert the right keywords into the product descriptions, it helps pitch the related product pages to the direct users.

Embedding Social Media

Social media integration is really important for SEO as it helps create the best user experience and raise brand visibility. The more social media integration you have on your site, the more like your products will share throughout social media platforms. After keyword research, reviewing product pages can improve the customer buying experience. Google has improved its search to highlight the highest quality material near the top of its results, and eCommerce is no exception. It follows the E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) principle to ensure that the right information is share with visitors. The emphasis is on quality. Out of the various ways to integrate your social media channels into your website, the best one is to use social sharing buttons. Including social sharing icons in your product categories may also help to increase site traffic.

Enhance Product Pages

The product pages are the main component of eCommerce websites. But, many eCommerce business owners simply type a few lines describing each product and upload an image or video. More focus and details are required on product pages so that search engines can find them. You can edit some crucial elements given below:

  • Name of the product

In most circumstances, product names are used in your product page’s SEO title and URL. This is why you should include a popular keyword phrase in your product descriptions.

  • Product images

Make use of pleasing, colorful images. Always ensure that the product images are unique and appealing to get recognized by search engines and users. If the images are appropriately described with Alt text, there are chances that these images will show up in search results of Google images.

  • Videos

Use high-quality but optimized videos. These will help to index and rank well on search engines.

Simplify the Website Structure

Site architecture is vital for eCommerce websites displaying hundreds of products. You should maintain a clear navigation hierarchy from the landing pages to the product pages. Never make deep navigation from a homepage to products, and it should discover in 3 or fewer clicks. In short, if a user on your site is looking for a certain product, it should get displayed in just 2-3 clicks. 

Improve Site Speed

A good loading speed is important for a flawless user experience. Use cache plugins to save a copy of your eCommerce site in the user’s browser. Take the help of the CDN system to load heavy files off-site. Limit the number of plugins in use and update regularly. Along with these things, never forget to compress the heavy file to enhance the site speed.


We have already discussed the major SEO tactics to improve eCommerce SEO. It includes proper keyword research, optimal product pages, good site speed, navigation, site architecture, and integration with social media. Except for these, one can opt for the strategies of maintaining good reviews, implementing structure markups, using canonical URLs, sitemaps, promoting content, investing in local SEO, cleaning HTML, optimizing for voice searchers, etc. enhanced eCommerce SEO. If you don’t have enough time to manage this part, visit SEO Perth professionals today!

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