Dubai may be known worldwide as the artificial capital of luxury, ostentation and consumerism,

but in reality, the city has a character that goes much further.

From the small alleys of the old town to traditional souks,

the magnificent desert and tons of interesting places to visit outside the city, such as Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, you will see that there are so many things to do in Dubai that even a week may not leave you.

is enough to explore the Arab country in its entirety.

Keep in mind that this article does not only show you the tourist places but it teaches you

how to explore the most unusual places.

In this 1 week route to Dubai you will find:

A few quick tips before planning what to see in Dubai

How to get around Dubai

Metro – There are 2 metro lines that pass through the most touristic places to see in Dubai. Both the station and the wagons are fully air-conditioned and everything is very modern.

A small trip costs less than € 1, but keep in mind that Dubai is gigantic,

so moving from one place to another can take time. 

Taxi – If you look at what each kilometer is worth, it is cheap,

but since the distances are so great, getting around can be expensive. 

Rent a car – Due to the lack and disastrous public transport, renting a car is highly feasible, in addition to the fact that gasoline is very cheap. You can rent Ferrari Dubai, a luxury car for a day or hours at very reasonable charges.

When to visit Dubai

In July and August, temperatures are around 45ºC on average, in addition to a really disgusting humidity.

Where to stay in Dubai for a week

The area you want to stay in will depend on what you want to visit in Dubai, as well as your budget, as prices vary greatly by area.

I also advise you to do the relevant research regarding what area or neighborhood you are going to stay in. 

If you drive, remember that alcohol tolerance is 0

If you get caught with alcohol and driving, even if you have drunk a quarter of a fifth, you risk being thrown in jail. In my three years of living there, I have never seen a breathalyzer test, but if you had an accident, they would blow you and as they catch you, these guys can destroy your life.

And the same with drugs

The Emirates also has 0 tolerance for drugs. If they find you, not even 0.1g of grass at the airport, they will send you a good season in chironna.x

Drink alcohol

FYI, in Dubai, you can drink alcohol. As you can imagine, there are endless hotels in Dubai and they all have loads of bars.

Alternatively, if you have a car, 90km from Dubai, in Umm Quwain there is a store called Barracuda where everyone can shop.

Activities and tours in the Emirates

There are tons of activities and things to see in Dubai that you probably want to go on an organized tour, such as Musandam, the Abu Dhabi Mosque, or going on a desert safari.

On the other hand, for other activities, such as going up to the Burj Khalifa for example, it is advisable to buy tickets in advance, since they will be more expensive at the box office.

Whatever the activity, I advise you to keep an eye on those at Civitatis, as they offer loads of activities with different offers and combinations for endless activities and adventures throughout the country.