Whether you are looking for a good dose of adrenaline with a desert safari or if you prefer to enjoy a quiet luxurious stay, in the “city of the desert” all kinds of attractions await.

Go on a desert safari

There aren’t many more truly Dubai experiences than a desert safari. Hop into the back seat (unless you prefer to sit in the front four-by-four seat) and hold on tight as an experienced driver steers you through the dunes at high speed. Feel the adrenaline rush as they plunge down what seems like great drops, before descending and climbing back up the sandy slopes. If you book with the Arabian Adventures company, they will make a couple of stops at sunset before sitting quietly in a traditional Bedouin camp for a real feast under the stars.

Feel the speed on a quad

The rental quads are fast and very easy to handle, but it is mandatory to wear a helmet for safety reasons. Follow the desert nature trails and kick up clouds of sand to amaze other drivers as you wind your way through Dubai’s most iconic tunes. The great dune, or Al Hamar as the locals call it, can be seen from the Dubai to Hatta highway (E44).

Surf the dunes

This activity is perfect for those looking for a good dose of adrenaline. Brace your feet with the bridle of a snowboard-inspired board and glide through the dunes as if you were on the very slopes of Ski Dubai. Although boards are also rented on the great red dune (the so-called “Big Red”),

there are many companies (such as Dream Explorer Dubai) that offer a complete experience. 

Enjoy an experience like a king

Dubai-based luxury travel agency Platinum Heritage offers several Series I Land Rover safaris through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve,

as well as the Al Marmoom Bedouin experience,

where you can meet indigenous wildlife such as the Arabian oryx. Aboard vintage vehicles, travelers will experience an authentic desert experience. If you opt for a local wildlife safari in the morning, at the end you will enjoy a traditional Emirati breakfast and hear the tales of a local Bedouin. On the contrary, if you prefer the night safari,

they will stop to admire the impressive sunset and put the finishing touch to

an unforgettable experience with a delicious dinner in a luxurious desert retreat. You can hire a sports or luxury car to cruise in the desert, as you will find a lot of companies offering you to rent Ferrari Dubai, Lamborghini, or any luxury car at ease.

Spend a night in the desert

If camping isn’t your style, Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa in Dubai’s Desert Conservation Reserve takes glamping a step further with its luxury villas that mimic the style of camping tents, but in a true resort,

each with its own infinity pool. Instead of adventuring in the desert, here you can enjoy a quiet and relaxed stay,

with various activities such as taking a camel ride through the dunes at sunset. For an even more relaxing experience, request a villa overlooking one of the natural oases,

where you can see gazelles and Arabian oryx stopping to drink in the tranquility of the desert.

Fly over the hot air balloon

Discover Dubai from a whole new perspective by getting in a hot air balloon and flying over the desert dunes. Book an outing with Balloon Adventures and enjoy an excursion through the clouds and overlooking the amazing landscape below. You can choose to do it at sunrise or sunset to see

if you are lucky enough to see the herds of Arabian oryx and

the gazelles that roam freely across the vast wasteland that unfolds before your eyes. Do not forget to take photos to be the envy of your friends and always remember this incredible experience.